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Muay Thai, or “Thai Boxing” is the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai includes kicking and punching as well as utilizing elbow and knee strikes. For this reason, Muay Thai is sometimes called the science of the eight limbs. Muay Thai addresses all distances of fighting from up close, at a distance and in a clinch situation where someone has grabbed a hold of you.

Our Muay Thai program is instructed by the legendary Matee Jedeepitak. Matee is a World Champion, who has fought and won in the rings of Thailand. Matee is often regarded as one of the best fighters in Muay Thai History. With over 200 fights and victories to his credit, Matee holds multiple titles as well as the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium Championship belt and World Muay Thai Council Belt.

Muay Thai is one of the best sports for physical conditioning. In Muay Thai, students build their strength and endurance through drills and pad work. Students learn to move fluently between kicking, punching, knee, elbow and clinch ranges.

Warrior Way Martial Arts provides the finest Muay Thai training in Michigan. Whether your goal is to get in shape, lose weight, or to learn one of the world’s most practical forms of self-defense, Warrior Way Martial Arts Muay Thai program can help you reach your goals.